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Class Project 

All about Kandinsky!

Art and Design - Chiho Aoshima

Geography - comparing the UK and ItalyRE - The 5 pillars of IslamScience - electricity RE - How can we make Wiltshire a better place? 


We have set off to an awesome start in year 3! On week one we learnt all about Kandinsky and why our class was named after him. We looked at and discussed his art and created our own art work inspired by him. He used lots of shapes, lines, colours, and textures to create his art, he also really liked listening to music when he painted he said the music helped him to see colours and shapes. So of course we tried this too! 

We have had a very arty start to the year! After learning all about Kandinsky we went on to learn about a Japanese artist called Chiho Aoshima who was inspired by nature and what happens after death. Chiho created beautiful pop art pieces using her imagination. We looked at different techniques - blending, hatching, scribbling and stippling before creating our own pieces of art inspired by Chiho! 

Making masks after learning about The Carnival of Venice!

The Wolf from The Three Little Pigs came to visit us! We got to interview him.

Remembrance day - we made a huge poppy reef. We had different poppy activities and we put them all together. There was painting, drawing around our hands, cutting poppies out and colouring poppies in.