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Block 1

Our learning in...

Block 1


In Maths...

We will be following the White Rose scheme. In this block our focus will be on place value. 


In English... 

We will be following a new writing scheme – The Write Stuff. This is school wide and I know all the teachers across Holbrook are excited to start this. The Write Stuff allows all pupils to improve their oracy and widen their vocabulary in every lesson, whilst deepening their understanding of writerly choices. Over Block 1, our focus in these lessons will be the book Star in the Jar by Sam Hay.


In phonics...

We will continue to following the Sounds Write programme. Each week we will begin a new unit and build the sounds into what we have already introduced. Your child may have a phonics book these books will help children practise the sounds they already know or have just learnt. If your child does get stuck a good prompt to use is "Say the sounds and read the word". Please continue to ask questions about the story you child is reading. 


In PSHE... 

We will be using Jigsaw and in this block, we will be focusing on 'Being me in my world'. 


Our topics in Block 1 are art, geography, RE and science. 

Here is an overview of how we will cover our topics over Block 1.


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Class Project


Mary Somerville



Chiho Aoshima




WORLD - UK Italy Comparison





Keeping the five pillars: What difference does it make to Muslims?









How can we make Wiltshire a more respectful place?