Holbrook Primary School, Trowbridge

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Week 1

This week we plotted our topic story 'Funny Bones' on a story mountain.  We thought about what happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story and are beginning to use this vocabulary when talking about stories we read.  Once we had plotted the story we began to sequence it using pictures, thinking about what happens next and then after. Many of us chose to cut out the pictures and sequence the story independently during our free flow.  We were able to use language from the story to retell it to an adult.


In phonics we have learnt some new sounds this week - d, f, v, e.  We are becoming more confident at hearing the sounds within CVC words and segmenting and blending.  We will continue to focus on these sounds next week too.


In maths we have continued to explore number and have focussed on number 8 this week.  It's a pretty tricky one to form but we are confident in our counting, recognition and are noticing patterns when using a 10's frame.  We discussed what comes before number 8 and after, also know as one more and one less.    


With our festive performance looming, we began to practice this week.  After reading the Nativity story we now understand what we will be retelling.  We have started to learn the song 'Little Donkey' and know what part we will be.