Holbrook Primary School, Trowbridge

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Week 1

Another busy week in Redgrave class this week.  We have been labelling insects in English.  This is something we have been doing from very early on in the year, however we are now writing the labels using our own and our friends phonic knowledge.  In Phonics we are increasing our writing and are having a go at writing full sentences.  Lots of practise will make us more confident writers!  In Maths we visited Miss Bradshaw's shop.  We all wanted to buy the monkey and Taylor the T-Rex but first we had to read the price tags.  Then we had to choose the correct coin to pay for it.  Sometimes there wasn't a coin for that amount and we had to add some coins together.  


This week we learnt all about worms.  Did you know that worms are invertebrates?  That means they have no back bone.  They also like cool damp places and are good for the soil because their burrows allow water and air to travel in and out of the earth.  After we learnt about worms . . . we made a wormery!  This was great fun layering the soil and sand and then obviously finding the worms to go in it.


We have had lots of fun constructing, observing our caterpillars form a chrysalis and making our own face masks.  What a week!