Holbrook Primary School, Trowbridge

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Week 10

This week has been as busy as always!  We have began to learn about money in Mathematics, specifically recognising coins and notes.  In English we have been building confidence in recognising rhyme.  We found lots of rhyming words in 'Superworm' and have been honing our skills during our daily poem and within our free flow.  On Monday we also had a special delivery with the word FRAGILE written on the box.  There was great speculation as to what could be so fragile inside such a small box.  To our surprise it was five tiny caterpillars!  We are going to take great care of them and observe their changes over the forthcoming weeks.  How exciting!  We also learnt about ants and borrowed the ant farm from Kingsley class to have a close inspection.  We learnt about queen ants, drone ants and even about green ants that live in the rainforest.  Ants like sweet things to eat and live in colonies with the queen in charge.  An interesting fact about ants is that each one has an important job to do and they all work together for the greater good of their colony.  This got us thinking about working to together as a team in Redgrave, particularly at tidy up time.


This week we began our 'May Step Challenge' for Alzheimer's Support by walking two laps of our school field.  It was wonderful to get out in the sunshine.  On Friday it was NSPCC Number Day.  We had great fun wearing numbers for the day and completing lots of number based activities.  The adults came as Numberblocks, which made us smile!