Holbrook Primary School, Trowbridge

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Week 2

This week in English we compared the characters Superworm and the Wizard Lizard from Julia Donaldson's story 'Superworm'.  We listened to the story and thought about their characteristics.  Superworm is a hero, kind, brave and friendly, whereas Wizard Lizard is a villain, unfriendly, evil and a coward.  We took on these characters when in the 'hot seat' and our friends asked us questions.  This is our favourite way to practise our speaking, understanding, listening and ignite our imagination.  


In Maths we have been doubling!  We used doubles ladybirds to make sure they had the same amount of spots on each side.  Miss Bradshaw was very impressed as we were able to say double __ is __ and put it into a number sentence.


We have continued to write our sentences and have been busy planting sunflowers.  We followed the instructions very carefully and hope they grow with regular watering and sunlight.  Some of us had a go at sawing some polystyrene.  We were very careful and Mrs Hacker made sure we were holding the saws correctly.  As we are waiting for our butterflies to emerge, we learnt all about the life cycle of a caterpillar.  Lots of us knew the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' which helped us. We completed a cutting and sticking activity where we put them in order and explain what happened at each stage.