Holbrook Primary School, Trowbridge

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Week 4

This week we worked in groups to build a skeleton.  We learnt new vocabulary for some of the bones in our body, including the skull, rib cage, spine and pelvis.  We also learnt how important our skeleton is and that without it we would not be able to stand.  Our rib cage protects our vital organs like our heart and lungs and our skull protects our brain.  We enjoyed working as a team and developing our problem solving skills.

With all of those pesky germs around, Miss Bradshaw gave us a lesson on how easily our germs spread and how to wash our hands properly.  We must remember to wash all parts of our hands including in between our fingers and our wrists.

These are just a few snippets of all we have been up to this week.  We finally filmed our nativity for our grown ups to watch at home and had an outdoor PE session with Tyler the sports coach.  We played a came where we had to decorate the cone Christmas tree which was great fun.  It built on our team work, our ability to follow instructions and use our co-ordination of space and objects.