Holbrook Primary School, Trowbridge

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Week 4

On Tuesday morning we were delivered 9 eggs by the wonderful Mrs Hartley.  At the moment they are in an incubator keeping them at the optimum temperature for growth.  Our adults make sure our eggs are turned regularly and the temperature is just right.  We are so excited and each day we open a special egg that has a picture of its stage within its 21 day growth cycle.  This week we have learnt and written facts about chicks and completed a chick life cycle.  We have been reading our non-fiction books to support our learning and cannot wait for them to hatch!



In PE we learnt and mastered several rolls - a barrel roll and a straight roll. We enjoyed using the mats and the under the sea theme that this lesson was based around.  During our free flow we have been working collaboratively and enjoying writing words and sentences.