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Week 5

What a busy week!  We have been comparing the life cycle of a sheep and a hen and observing our eggs in the incubator.  Friday marked the 11th day!  Mrs Hartley has been coming in to candle the eggs to check on the growth and the embryo inside the egg.  She shines a light onto them and we can see their veins. We are super excited!


We were sad to see Miss Webley leave this week as she has been with us since February.  She bought us a lovely book and a new puzzle that we can't wait to complete.  We will miss her teaching us but wish her lots of luck for her new job starting in September.


We had our feet painted for our Father's Day cards.  That really tickled!  We then made them into rockets and wrote in them in our neatest handwriting.  Also this week we have done lots of constructing, from making The Shard to a plant making machine and had Yoga on Thursday.  This years PTA scarecrow trail has a royalty theme.  We decided to make a corgi which is the Queen's favourite dog.  We hope you like it!