Holbrook Primary School, Trowbridge

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Week 5

Our first week full time!

This week we started our Phonics lessons and have been building CVC words using the sounds a, i, m, s, t.  After we have identified the sounds to build the word, we read it and then have a go at writing it on our whiteboards.


At the beginning of the week when it was sunny, we spent the afternoon on the field exploring the play equipment and playing some fun games. 

On Friday we had our first PE lesson!  We got changed in our designated areas with some help from the adults.  We had to remember to put our uniform back into our bags once we took it off so that it did not get mixed up with our friends clothes.  Once we were ready we went to the hall.  We learnt how to find a space and learnt two new games.  First we played the traffic light game where we moved in different ways, moving on green, changing direction on amber and stopping on red.  Next we played the bean game where each bean represents a different shape with our bodies.  For example, string bean we had to make ourselves really tall.  We had a brilliant time and are very tired after our first full week at school.