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Week 6

This week in PSED we thought hard about how to be a good friend.  We identified what makes a good friend by using the pictures to distinguish between friendly and unfriendly behaviour.  We described what was happening in each picture to the rest of the class and discussed what we would do in each situation.  In Redgrave class we are friends with everyone!

This week we started our topic 'Marvellous Me!'  At the beginning of the week we looked at what makes us different from one another and what similarities we have.  We used mirrors to look at our faces and identify our features.  We have been busy painting our faces this week, selecting appropriate colours.  Next week we will add our hair.

We located our body parts on ourselves so that we knew our arm from our elbow.  Miss Bradshaw drew around one of us which made us all laugh.  Someone asked what a label was and Miss Bradshaw told us that a label contains information, it could be what something is or who it belongs to, like our name labels on our clothes.  Each pair had a label to read and place on the body.  Our labelled body is now on display in our classroom!