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Week 6

The 2021 Census Day gave us inspiration.  In Maths this week we have been collecting data.  We have learnt two different ways to do this - a tally chart and a pictogram.  We began the week working in pairs to find out the most popular eye colour in Redgrave class.  Once we had learnt what a tally chart was and how to use it we had a look in our friends eyes.  We found out that the most popular eye colours were blue and brown.  The least popular was green. 


Throughout the week we had worked with Miss Mellor to draw our favourite fruit.  Miss Bradshaw had drawn a giant pictogram where we were able to add our favourite fruit by sticking it in the correct row.  Once all the children had stuck their fruit down we were able to count the total amount of children in each row.  We found out that the most popular fruit in Redgrave class is Strawberries, closely followed by apples.  The least favourite fruit was oranges and raspberries.