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Week 6

After all of those sweets and chocolate at Christmas, there was never a more appropriate time to learn how to manage our oral hygiene.  We learnt that we need to use a pea sized amount of toothpaste and brush for two minutes every morning and evening.  It was great fun using the giant toothbrush to brush our teeth.  Miss Bradshaw taught us how to brush our teeth and that it was important to make sure we reach all areas.  We discussed what happens as a result of not brushing our teeth or consuming too many sugary drinks or food - plaque!

This week we have learnt all about our five senses and explored a different sense each day.  Here is what we did: 

Sense of touch - put our hands into a dark tub where we had to use our sense of touch to guess what we could feel.

Sense of smell - explored the scent of various herbs.  We recognised the mint instantly.

Sense of hearing - played a quiz where we had to listen to an animal noise and try and guess the correct animal.

Sense of taste - taste tested lemon (sour), marmite (salty) and jam (sweet).  Some of us found the lemon very sour, you only had to look at our faces! 

Sense of sight - played a game that relied of sight and memory to match the pairs.