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Week 7

This week is our last week before half term and we are feeling extremely tired but also very excited because it is Easter!  This week we learnt the true meaning of Easter and why Christians consider this one of the most important times of the year.  Miss Bradshaw told us the Easter story and we discussed it in great detail forming our own questions and opinions.  Mrs Cottrell was very impressed with our knowledge and vocabulary as she popped by the classroom the following day just before we tasted some hot cross buns.  We learnt about the symbolism of the cross on the hot cross bun and some of us thought they were really tasty and others didn't like the raisins.  


On Friday Miss Bradshaw let us into a secret . . . the Easter Bunny had been to Holbrook and left us a trail to follow.  There were 15 eggs for us to find around the school.  Each egg had an action for us to perform.  We liked the one where we had to wiggle our bottoms and hop like a bunny as they made us laugh.  We found the last egg inside stuck onto a tuff tray.  We wondered why the Easter Bunny had stuck it there and used our thinking skills to work out that there may just be something behind the tray.  When Mrs Hacker removed the tray there was an Easter egg for every one of us! smiley

On Friday afternoon we were so lucky to receive a visit from Miss Hare's chicks.  The first ones we held were 5 days old and the second were 5 weeks old.  It was amazing to see the difference in size.  The younger ones were all fluffy and cute and the older ones were a little bit more flighty.  There were lots of giggles and shrieks of excitement.  What better way to celebrate new life.  Happy Easter!