Holbrook Primary School, Trowbridge

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Week 7

"Who's been sleeping in my bed?"

Over the next few weeks we are focusing our learning around Traditional Tales.  Can you guess which one we have begun with?  We have spent much of our week role playing the story and writing a letter to the bears to apologise.  Miss Bradshaw was impressed by our ideas and use of full sentences when suggesting what we could write in our letter.  Perhaps the best part of the week had to be making porridge with Mrs Hacker.  We took it in turns to pour in the oats, milk and stir.  We used the microwave and counted down until it binged.  Many of us were able to tell Mrs Hacker how many bowls were needed and how many spoonfuls of porridge she needed in each bowl.  We then got to add blueberries or honey.  It was scrumptious!

From Miro style art to forgotten temples, it has been a creative week!  This week as well as having our Goldilocks and the Three Bears focus we have also had great fun in the rest of our learning.  Some have made great strides in their writing, others have been busy in the construction area creating magnificent structures.  In maths we have been learning about positional language and had great fun placing Taylor the T-Rex and ourselves in front, behind, next to, in between, on top and underneath the chairs.  We also discussed healthy and unhealthy foods and were able to confidently categorise different foods and explain why different food groups were good for you and others were to be eaten in small amounts.  It's all about balance!