Holbrook Primary School, Trowbridge

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Week 7

This week we have been reading 'There's a Snake in my School' by David Walliams.  We imagined what it would be like having a pet at our school and used this a basis for our writing this week.  We had some super ideas, from a horse who ate people's hair, a puppy who ate all of the books to a crab who pinched bottoms!  We enjoyed this book and it made us laugh.


In maths we have been learning to subtract.  We sang lots of subtraction songs first, like 10 little men in a flying saucer.  We used the dinosaurs to help solve the subtraction problems.  Some of us were even able to put our working out into a number sentence.


Miss Webley taught us all about how to be a safe pedestrian on Friday.  We got to use a zebra crossing, learnt how to look out for the green man and look carefully before crossing the road.


As you can see we have continued to practise our learning in our activity time.