Holbrook Primary School, Trowbridge

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Week 8

Despite only being in school three days this week, we have not stopped!  As we are now in the midst of Autumn we thought we would explore this beautiful season with a Welly Walk.  We worked in pairs and used a checklist to find signs of Autumn in our school grounds.  We are very lucky at Holbrook because the wooded area is full of horse chestnuts trees, pine trees and oak trees which cover the ground with rich autumn treasures. Miss Bradshaw talked to us about our findings and we talked about the differences and similarities between the tress.  As we collected our various signs of autumn, we put them in a tray to bring back to the classroom.  During free flow we can go and use our senses to explore the objects we found and ask questions.
During half term it is Halloween!  This week we explored some very spooky activities including slime.  It was very gooey and we had fun making potions with the rats, eyeballs and fingers.  We even stirred in some of our phonics sounds.  Lots of us enjoyed using the small hammers to tap in the golf tees into the pumpkin.  Mrs Hacker told us it will help us with our co-ordination and build muscles in our hands for writing.  Outside we used tools to scrape out the pumpkin seeds and had fun putting them in different pots.  We also had eyeballs in our water play and some of us cut out 2D shapes to stick down and make a witch.