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Week 8

Happy Easter!

This week we have learnt all about Easter and that there is a lot more to it than chocolate eggs.  Easter is a special time of year for Christians because it is a celebration of Jesus coming back to life.  We learnt all about the Easter story and even retold it through window displays around school.  Redgrave's display was the light as Jesus went to heaven.  We also linked Easter to the signs of spring and what a magical time of the year this is as we welcome new life.


We tried some hot cross buns and learnt that they had a cross on the top to remind us that Jesus died on a cross.  Most of us thought that the hot cross buns were delicious and some of us were not that keen but did try them.


On Thursday we had an Easter bonnet parade!  All of the children at Holbrook were invited to make a Easter bonnet and Redgrave had some eggcellent bonnets - just take a look!  


We made Easter baskets and chocolate nest cakes to go in them.  Yummy!  The children in Redgrave are very lucky because the adults added some sweet treats to our baskets for us to enjoy over the holidays.   

Science Fair!

Miss Horler organised a brilliant science fair for us all on the last day of term.  Each class had to take an experiment to the science fair to demonstrate to other classes who visited.  Redgrave did an experiment using water, pepper and washing up liquid to explain how important it is to use soap when you wash your hands.  The germs were represented by the pepper and when you put your finger in the water all of the germs stick to it.  However, when you put soap on your finger, then put it in the water, all of the germs disperse from your finger.  We loved seeing all the different experiments and learning about different materials, chemical reactions and how the heart pumps blood around your body.  A very scientific end to a fantastic term!