Holbrook Primary School, Trowbridge

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Week 9

In Mathematics this week we have continued to solve minibeast number problems.  We have been thinking carefully about which operation we need to use to solve the problem and have been able to have a go at putting our working into a number sentence, sometimes finding more than one way to solve the problem.


In English this week we have been recapping our learning on adjectives and applying our understanding to a different story.  We have been thinking of adjectives to describe Superworm and the crow from the story 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson.  Not only did we use the adjectives from the story but also thought of our own.  Brave and fun describe Superworm and mean and unkind describe the crow.


This week we also had Yoga!  We loved exploring the signs of spring using our bodies.  We hatched from an egg, grew from a seed and hopped on our lily pads.


We had a our first Jigsaw lesson this week which is our new PHSE scheme.  We are learning about relationships and what qualities make a good friend.  We also helped Jigsaw Jenie think of some solutions to help her when she feels lonely.  


A very busy week filled with lots of exciting opportunities and an abundance of playdough snails!