Holbrook Primary School, Trowbridge

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Week 9

This Thursday was a very exciting day because we had our first PE lesson.  We all managed to get changed into our PE kits successfully, demonstrating lots of independence.  Once in the hall we learnt how to find a space on our own and what that looked like.  We played several games all about finding space.  One of them we had to pretend we were witches on our broomsticks and fly high and low around the hall.  When Miss Bradshaw shouted "FREEZE!" we had to find a space.  The other games we played were similar but when we were wizards we had to point our wands to a space and then fly to it.  Finally we made a potion and squashed all our ingredients into our cauldron by jumping on them and stirred it by walking around in a circle one way and then the other.  We then used hoops as cauldrons which we had to fly around and avoid.  When Miss Bradshaw shouted "HOCUS POCUS!" we had to stand in a hoop.  PE was great!  

Remember remember the 5th of November!

We had a very busy week learning all about Bonfire Night.  Did you know that a man named Guy Fawkes tried to blow up The Houses of Parliament and that is why we celebrate Bonfire Night?  We learnt all about the Gunpowder Plot and enjoyed answering some quiz questions at the end to see how many facts we could remember.  Mrs Hacker taught us how to keep safe around bonfires and fireworks and we made some rockets and splat pictures which remind us of fireworks exploding in the night sky.  All those beautiful colours!  We also watched a firework display and listened for the sounds the fireworks made. BOOM! BANG! WHOOSH! These are sound words and they have a special name - onomatopoeia.  A super week full of great learning!