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Welcome to Darwin Class page!

A big welcome to Darwin Class page! You will see all the amazing and exciting things that we have been learning about. Darwin Class is made up of Year 2 and Year 3 children.


On a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday our class teacher is Miss Blake. On a Thursday and Friday our class teacher is Ms Barson. We are also very lucky to have Mrs Hewson as our class LSA who will support us with our wonderful learning. Our class page will be updated regularly so that you can see all of the wonderful things that we have been up to.


At Holbrook Primary School, our school year is divided into four blocks. Block one will run from 4th September to 15th November. Please see below an outline of all the exciting things we will be covering over the next ten weeks, that will support and further our learning experiences.



During our first week, we spent three days researching the life of Charles Darwin and why our class was named after him. If you would like to know some more information about Charles Darwin please click on the links below. Please ask your child about what they have learnt this week. They know lots of facts! 

Block 3 in Darwin Class...


In English this block, we will be covering lots of different areas. We will continue to focusing on the book ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ in Guided Reading. We will also be writing poems and non-chronological reports.



This block, in Mathematics the children will continue to be taught in separate year groups. Year 2 children will be taught in Nightingale class and Year 3 children will be taught in Darwin Class. Both year groups will be focussing on money and subtraction and addition. Every Wednesday Darwin Class will be tested on their times tables. This is a 5 minute quiz each week. Once your child/children pass a certain times table they will then move onto the next set. We encourage this to be practised at home. Times table packs are available at the front office; these include games and ideas on how to learn a certain times table.


Science (3 weeks):

What are the different types of rocks and how are they formed?

During these three weeks, we will be identifying different rocks and looking at if they are man-made or natural. We will also investigate soil permeability. We will also do lots of research into Mary Anning. 


RE (1 week):

Why do Christians love to tell stories about Jesus?

During this week, we will be asking and suggesting answers to questions arising from stories that Jesus told. We will also think about expressing our own ideas about stories or bravery, kindness and friendship from the Bible.


Computing (2 weeks):

What is an algorithm?

During these two weeks, we will be exploring Barefoot resources and creating Crazy Character algorithms. We will be also using Beebots to support us with this. 


History (2 weeks):

How has Trowbridge changed over time?

During these two weeks, we will be carrying out a local study on Trowbridge. We will be welcoming members from the Trowbridge Museum to help us investigate this further. We will also be going on a local walk to explore our local area. 


Art (2 weeks):

How can I use sculpture to create an effective bowl?

During these two weeks, we will be using clay and different sculpture techniques to create an effective bowl. We will also ensure that it will have a desired purpose. e.g. a fruit bowl.  

Block 2 in Darwin Class...


In English this block, we will be covering lots of different areas. We will be focusing on the book ‘Amazing Grace.’ We will also be writing persuasive letters and writing non-fiction booklets. 



During Block 2, we will be focusing on money, multiplication and division. We will continue to carry out our weekly times table quizzes. 


Geography (2 weeks): 

Which countries are in Europe?

During these two weeks, we will be looking at where Europe in in relation to the rest of the World. We will also be looking at what countries are in Europe and their National flags and capital cities. 


Art (2 weeks): 

How can I draw and paint in the style Martha McDonald? 

During this week, we will look in depth at the work of the artist Martha McDonald. We will be learning about 'Tjupiarts' and we will be creating our own paintings and drawings in this style. 


Computing (2 weeks):

Can I collaborate effectively to create an animation?  

During these two weeks, we will be using the iPads to create an animation. Watch this space! 


Religious Education (1 week): 

How do different religious celebrate special times? (Christianity and Islam)  

We will be looking at different religious and special times are celebrated around the World. 


Science (3 weeks): What is a force and how do magnets work?

During the three weeks, we will be looking at forces and how important they are. We will also be carrying out an investigation to test friction and different surfaces. We will also be testing magnets and materials. 

Block 1 in Darwin Class...


During Block 1, we are going to focus on the story ‘Five Minutes Peace’ By Jill Murphy. We will be describing the characters and then writing our own versions by changing the main character. We will then be focussing on writing letters and postcards. After that, we will be writing our own poems. In Guided Reading, we will be using the ‘Totally Pawsome Gang’ to look at the story of ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ By Drew Daywalt.



During Block 1, we will be focusing on place value, addition and subtraction. We will also enhance our core skills of counting, multiplication and number bonds.


History (2 weeks):

How long ago was the Stone Age and what was it like to live then?

During these two weeks, we will be focusing on the Stone Age. We will be looking at what people in the Stone Age did and what they ate. We will also be comparing their houses to our houses. We will also learn about cave paintings and about Skara Brae.


Computing (1 week):

How can we stay safe online?

During this week, we will learn how to stay safe whilst using different technologies.

This is very important to ensure that we are being safe whilst using our tablets or phones.


Religious Education (1 week):

How do we show care for others?

During this week, we will develop our understanding of empathy. We will have the opportunity to share our feelings and thoughts.


Science- Physics (3 weeks):

What is light and why is it important?

During these three weeks, we will begin to fully explore ‘light’ We will start to understand that we need light to see and that light is reflected from surfaces. We will also explore shadows and learn how shadows are formed when a light source is blocked by an opaque item. We will also consider the dangers of directly looking at light-sources (mainly the sun) and how we can protect our eyes.


Design and Technology (2 weeks):

What is a healthy diet and can we make a yummy, nutritional snack?

During these two weeks, we will be thinking about what makes a healthy, varied diet and where food comes from. We will also prepare some yummy snacks that we bring home to share!