Holbrook Primary School, Trowbridge

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Week One

During our first week being in Darwin Class, we spent three days studying Charles Darwin and his wonderful work. We were very keen to find out about who our class is named after. We have had lots of fun.

First of all, we researched who Charles Darwin was and we were amazed by the different things that he did. Then we imagined that we were on board the HMS Beagle and we acted out Charles Darwin arriving in the Galapagos Islands. After that, we looked in more detail about the different species that he discovered. We were very excited to find the Galapagos Islands on a map.

 In an Art lesson, we cut different colours and shapes to make a Galapagos tortoise. To finish our week, we put our Scientific hats on and we went outside to explore the different species that we could find in our school grounds. We then focused some more on the different beaks that finches have and we tried to pick up a range of objects by using different shaped beaks.