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School Closure

It saddens me that the children will not be at school for one of my favourite times of year, Easter.  I love planning lots of wonderful activities and teaching them what Easter is really all about.  I thought I would therefore suggest some activities, which you may want to do at home.  Some may be obvious; others offer opportunities to develop critical thinking and mathematical skills.

Have a wonderful Easter!

Miss Bradshaw  x

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Pearl & Snowdrop

Lots of you have been asking about Pearl and Snowdrop, so I thought I would share some pictures.  Here they are just after they had their cage cleaned out.  It is all nice and cosy for them with fresh sawdust, hay, food and water.  They eat the hay but also like to hide in it.  Can you see them? I have hung a new little spring hanging basket in their cage for them to nibble on.  As you can see, Snowdrop is intrigued.  I have been giving them lots of cuddles for you and will keep taking pictures of them for you to see.