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A big welcome to Nightingale's Class page! You will see all the amazing and exciting things that we have been learning about. 


On a Monday and Tuesday our class teacher is Miss Blake. On a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday our class teacher is Ms Barson. We are also very lucky to have Mrs Ward as our class LSA who will support us with our wonderful learning. Our class page will be updated regularly so that you can see all of the wonderful things that we have been up to.


At Holbrook Primary School, our school year is divided into four blocks. Block one will run from 3rd September to 13th November. Please see below an outline of all the exciting things we will be covering over the next ten weeks, that will support and further our learning experiences.



During our first week, we will spend a few days researching the life of Florence Nightingale and why our class was named after her. If you would like to know some more information about Florence Nightingale please click on the links below. Please ask your child about what they have learnt this week. They know lots of facts!

Nightingale Class Pictures

Nightingale's Class Teacher (Monday and Tuesday)- Miss Blake
Nightingale's Class Teacher (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)- Ms Barson
Nightingale's Class LSA- Mrs Ward
This is our classroom.
This is our Reading Corner.
This is our Recognition Board.
These are the boys toilets.
This is where we hang our coats and bags on our pegs. Here is also the girls toilets.

Block One

3rd September 2020- 13th November 2020

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7  Week 8 Week 9  Week 10

Class Project-

Florence Nightingale

Andy Goldsworthy
Geography- London 

Religious Education-

How do we show care for others? Who is an inspiring person?


Science- Plants and Plant Structure  Religious Education- Why do we celebrate special times?